Benefits to your WinkBall membership

WinkBall Reporter by the Thames


As a WinkBall member, you will gain access to a bank of relevant training films, expert advice and further information on how to hone your skills as a reporter.

WinkBall reporter with an interviewee


You will gain unparalleled experience in a variety of skills, from networking nationwide to improving your editing and filming techniques. WinkBall encourages every aspect of the reporter lifestyle.

WinkBall reporter siting with a dog


As a WinkBall member you will receive a unique login to access our reporter software. This will allow you to manage your work flow, cut and upload your content and network with other WinkBall members in your area.

WinkBall reporter at a film festival


You will benefit from using all of our distribution channels, in order to share, promote and distribute all of your content. Giving you access to a far larger audience.

WinkBall reporter on a shoot


As a WinkBall member you will benefit from convenient and relevant revenue streams. WinkBall specialises in local event coverage, allowing you, the member, to profit from your chosen passion in your chosen area.

WinkBall reporter at an art exhibition


You will benefit from the credibility of an established quality brand in WinkBall, as well as ongoing umbrella marketing campaigns to support you in your work.

WinkBall reporter on a shoot


Our sales team in London will continue to seek sponsored campaigns from major brands as well as coverage of national events. As a member you will benefit from the opportunity of this commissioned work.